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SharePoint Code Blocks (SPCB) - Introduction

What is SPCB? SharePoint Code Blocks(SPCB) hosts various code blocks a.k.a functions that…

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In The Remembrance Of My Father Dr. Shesham Narasimha Charya

मातृ देवो भव  पितृ देवो भव |  आचार्य देवो भव अथिति देवो भव || I am very happy …

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Fate Vs Efforts

Fate Vs Efforts : The below is a context from Shanthi Parvam of Mahabhartam. Yudhi…

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Enabling USB/Smart card reader on Virtualbox

Recently I got a new laptop at my work space, which has a smart card reader. I use vir…

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How Indian Customs are related to Science

Today one of my cousins "Hari Vardhan" suggested me to share a very informativ…

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Simple jQuery KPI's in SharePoint

In a recent Meetup, I came across a question "What is the simplest way of creatin…

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Setting up Arduino to work with Mega ADK & Simple LED Blink code

To setup the environment for Arduino Mega ADK it is quite simple. Download & …

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