In The Remembrance Of My Father Dr. Shesham Narasimha Charya

मातृ देवो भव  पितृ देवो भव | 
आचार्य देवो भव अथिति देवो भव ||

I am very happy and proud to talk about my father Dr. Shesham Narasimha Charya today. There are many things my father, mother and sister taught me which molded me. They always taught me morals, customs and traditions. In a single sentence, all I can say is "If I am good at something in my life it is only because of what my father/mother/sister taught me, and if I am bad at something it is because I failed to follow their words". On the occasion of my father's birthday, here are the few things my father told me.

  1. "Always honor your elders"
  2. "You are a bodyguard to your sister. So you must to take care of her, throughout your life".
  3. "Son!! You will not always get a second chance, so try not to miss the first one"
  4. "Don't waste your time, you will never get a second back"
  5. "Never feel bad, that you belong to the family of priests, but be happy instead, as you can learn extra things which can add morals to your life" (This is when I was a kid, back then I couldn't understand, and now I understand).
  6. "I may not give you the money that you can spend as you wish, but I will give you everything with which you can succeed in your life".
  7. "Always remember, and never neglect 'HE' (Health & Education)".
  8. "When you visit elderly people, never go empty handed. Carry fruits or anything that will be useful for them"

And here are the few things I learnt from my father:

  1. You are a learner your entire life. 
  2. No matter how hard it is, face a situation and succeed in it.
  3. Your family should come first.
  4. Your teacher is some one who should have a place next to your father in your heart.
  5. Never have the stage-fear(to address hundreds).
  6. If you have a desire to achieve a particular goal, never stop until you succeed (My father got a doctorate in Sanskrit from Osmania University at the age of 58).

My father made me do things in which there is always a hidden life lesson(Indirectly). Now, even though my father is at a place far away from here(and where I will send gifts once a year), there is a person in my life who reminds me my father in his love and affection. He is my bava (Brother-in-law) Sateesh. Whenever I see his love, caring, affection and responsibility, I feel like I got a second chance in learning the things, which I missed to learn from my father. What else can I expect more from God (Of-course I don't have to expect anything, he knows what's right for me).

Even though this post is a huge one. You have read it all the way till here. So, you my friend/relative, are one among the few well-wishers that God gave me. Thank you.

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