Fate Vs Efforts

Fate Vs Efforts:

The below is a context from Shanthi Parvam of Mahabhartam. Yudhishtira asks Bheeshma, why to put efforts when everything is by fate/destiny? Then Beeshma answers this question by saying that a similar question was once asked by Parushurama to Dhattatreya. Here is how the conversation went:

Parushurama: Oh Lord!! It is said that, whatever is happening is part of our fate/destiny. Then, why should we put our effort in doing something at all?

Dhattatreya: Dear Parushurama, everything happens as per the destiny, but putting all the efforts into something can even change the destiny.

Parushurama: Oh lord! If so, which is greater & better to follow?

Dhattatreya: If two Rams(goats with horns, Pottelu in telugu) are fighting, which one will win?

Parushurama: The one which is stronger

Dhattatreya: Parushurama!! that is the answer to your question. If your destiny is stronger it will win, but if your efforts are much stronger, you can win over your destiny.

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