Android Development: Configuring emulator provided by Android Studio

Configuring emulator provided by Android Studio

Step 1: Open Android Studio and create a new project. [Click here to learn creating your first android studio project]

Step 2: From the top tool bar, click on "Tools" and then click on "Android" and then on "AVD Manager". 

Step 3: Clicking on "AVD Manager" pops out the "Your Virtual Devices" page. Click on "Create Virtual Device". Here there is a list of predefined devices which you can select from. For this tutorial I have selected "Nexus -5". Click Next, select the API level,  then next and click Finish. You may also create a new device other than the predefined, by clicking on "Create Device"

Step 4: Once above steps are completed. Open your project, from the tool bar click on the small button that says "app" with the android logo and click on "Edit Configurations".

Step 5: Clicking on "Edit Configurations", pops up a dialog box with options to choose the device. Select "Show chooser dialog" and click "OK". 

Step 6: Selecting "Show chooser dialog" option allows the user to select between the inbuilt Android emulator and Genymotion when the app is run. (Click here to know what Genymotion is and how to install it)

Step 7: Once this is done, when you run an app, it gets installed on the selected emulator.

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