Android Development: Adding Genymotion to Android Studio

Adding Genymotion to Android Studio

           What exactly is Genymotion? Genymotion is an open source virtual machine for android development, in other words it is a third-party emulator. As of my observation it is faster than the actual emulator provided by android studio. And installing applications on this emulator is just a drag and drop and few clicks, where as the other emulators need adb command prompt way of installation. 

Step 1: Download and install Genymotion from here. You will have to register and verify your email address in order to download a copy. Once downloaded, run through the installation. Believe me it is not that complicated. 

Step 2: After the installation when the Genymotion is launched you can add a device from the list of available android virtual devices. Select any device and finish the installation process. 

Once the device is selected follow through the finish and your new device will be ready. Now once you are back to the home screen click on your new device and click start. 

Step 3: Once installed add Genymotion plugin for Android Studio:

    1. In Android Studio, go to File > Settings.
    2. Select Plugins and click Browse Repositories.
    3. Right-click on Genymotion and click Download and install.
To see Genymotion plugin icon, display the toolbar by clicking View > Toolbar.

Step 4: Once above steps are completed. Open your project, from the tool bar click on the small button that says "app" with the android logo and click on "Edit Configurations".

Step 5: Clicking on "Edit Configurations", pops up a dialog box with options to choose the device. Select "Show chooser dialog" and click "OK". 

Step 6: Selecting "Show chooser dialog" option allows the user to select between the inbuilt Android emulator and Genymotion when the app is run. 

Step 7: Once this is done, when you run an app, it gets installed on the selected emulator.

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