The Women I met at the Bus stop

Wonderful words by a women I met at the bus stop

            Today, I met an old American women in the bus stop where I usually get bus to my office. She asked me from which part of India I am. I said southern part. She talked to me for a while explaining that she has many friends from different parts of the World with different cultures. She said that they used to say that "I changed a lot after being in USA for some time" . Then she gave me a good insight. She said "People should not blame America if they got changed due to their inability to stick to their culture. People should always carry their culture. Not anyone nor any place changes a person but himself/herself. Every place has both good and bad". Then I agreed with her saying that "there is a Sanskrit quote which says 'one should never blame a person who gives food or shelter'. And it is a person's responsibility to choose between good and bad". She said "there is a similar quote in English which says - never bite the hand of a person who fed" . Wowww!!! my day started with a good conversation.

Insight - "Change!! Change yourself following a good path, if it is bad then don't. But don't blame anyone for anything because you are the only person responsible for your change".


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