Parents: The Visible gods to our naked Eye

What can we expect more from them other than the birth they already gave us?
What do they expect from us other than - us to be happy our entire life?
Do we really need any other property(money, land, house, etc.) from them other than what they already gave us(Birth and a good behavior)?
Do they need any property from us other than a sweet talk from us for an hour for every couple of days?
Do you allow any one to kick you on your heart?
Did they allow you to kick them on their hearts?
How many times do you think about your parents in a day?
How many times do they not think about you in a day?
What else can I say other than "Parents" are Gods visible to our naked eye.
No matter how busy we are, don't we get 10 minutes a day to talk to them where as our parents spent sleepless days and nights for us?
Please no matter how busy you are allocate some time to talk to your parents everyday. No matter how 24/7 busy person you are please remember that you are so because they made you so. There are always hearts that beats for you.


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  1. Good article Harsha.. Definitely I second your opinion here!! Appreciate your brevity.

    I could not stop coming back on this with my views…..

    Recently I came across with few discussions amongst the families where they complain their Parents to be uncompromising, inflexible, self-forgetting. We need to start thinking about the past where we enjoyed the same attributes of our parents.

    They were uncompromising in accommodating us with the quality of food, clothes and education that we deserve. They aspired to give us the best and ignored their health mileage.

    They were inflexible when they got a better opportunity in the different land for not disturbing our studies, thought if our health would match the climate etc., Atleast one sacrificed their marital relation for us if that was unavoidable.

    They were self-forgetting when they had to send their child abroad for higher studies. They never thought about their bank balances to grow and ignored their wealth mileage....

    AND we complain on the same attributes now???.. Shame on us!!

    Dear brothers and sisters, we need to look at ourselves if we want to build the relations and we need to look at the westernites if we want to build the technology. BUT our vision is the other way round. We are looking at westernites in building relations who do not have emotions and looking at ourselves to build technology who does not have proper governance.....

    Thanks for Reading and Thanks in advance for thinking :-)

    -Harivardhan Daroori


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