A small Request to everyone

"Please do not share posts on Facebook or Twitter or any Social Network, that generalizes a situation." 

 Today I saw a post. After reading which I felt bad and thought of writing it down. When I read the article I felt like what?? It is not the case everywhere in India. I saw 5-6 members on my Facebook friends list shared this post and many of them liked it. I don't know if they really understood it.
The title of the Article is "11 Clever Posters That Define The Hypocrisy Of The Indian Society"(http://www.storypick.com/being-satan-indian-logic/). To start with, it is not Hypocrisy of Indian Society, it is Hypocrisy of some humans that the Author familiar with (in this case they are Indians). This gives a negative impression on our country. If a person doesn't like something, that is his/her opinion not everyone's. There is a long ever lasting culture and respect to India.
I saw people who shared posts on religious crisis that took place at some part of India but generalized it as if it is all over India. When there is a problem at any place please try to talk about that particular problem and place, but never ever generalize your opinion by applying that to entire Nation.
India is our country maintaining the culture, moral values and respecting it is our first duty. Never criticize our country or culture. I do agree there are many problems in India but that is not the case everywhere. If any particular problem is everywhere in the country then it is "India Problem" that is when a person can generalize the situation.

Now about the article I mentioned above:
Logic 1: Comparing Saree to the such a dress as showed in that picture? I am sure that not everyone in India wanna wear a dress like it? Wearing such clothes as shown in the picture, is not the culture of India. Jeans and Tops are common but wearing dresses as shown in the picture is also a safety concern.

Logic 10 is the worst, No parent wants his child to sleep with strangers. A husband is not a stranger. To get a good husband to his daughter a father in India becomes a detective. They dont get a stranger to become your husband(Even a person loved by one is a stranger before they met). I don't even know how people agree with this.

In Logic 3, Logic 5 and Logic 8 both cases are wrong.

Logic 6 is not at all applicable in India.

I request you all not to share your opinion of yours as a Generalized situation in India. Any one can share their views but please mention that it as you view.


Image Source: http://rafiqelmansy.deviantart.com/art/Hand-Drawn-Social-Media-Icons-244763158
Article Source: http://www.storypick.com/being-satan-indian-logic/

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